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CoParenting: It’s not a competition between two homes. It’s a collaboration of parents doing what is best for the kids – Heather Hetchler

This website will help provide pathways for families needing to navigate the good, bad, and sometimes sad experiences of co-parenting through separation and divorce.

This is probably one of the most difficult challenges any parent could face – learning to love the other parent enough to make the children first – Iyanla Vanzant.


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This website will be a useful resource.  The CoParent Lifeline is a question and answer form where parents learn to navigate the mystery, minefields and magic of co-parenting.   Wish I Knew More About provides articles from across the web – offering co-parenting tips, the emotional stages of separation and divorce, mediation and other relevant topics.  Your Child’s Divorce Rules101 short stories told by the adult children of divorce.



Mediation is a softer, gentler approach to establishing a parenting agreement. In mediation, you and your child’s other parent can work out the details of your co-parenting arrangement – taking in to consideration the needs and best interest of your children. The benefit of a parenting plan is fewer mistakes, fewer arguments, happy and healthier children (and parents). Why choose mediation? Mediation:

Mediation lets you make the decisions about your future – not the court.

Mediation is typically less expensive than hiring an attorney.

Mediation allows you to resolve your co-parenting case more quickly.

Divorce and Family Mediation


Less Costly

Divorce mediation is much less expensive than traditional divorce litigation – sometimes as much as 97 percent less. Divorce lawyers can be redundant in the legal process, sometimes asking the same questions and requesting the same information several times. That is unnecessary and wasteful. Our process leaves you with more resources to move on with your life when the divorce is complete.


Less Time

Mediation allows you to resolve your divorce quickly. Lawyers and courts can take several years or longer. We measure our success on how quickly and efficiently your divorce is resolved..


Less Worry

We keep the conversation on point and focus on the future. You will not be constantly worried about the unknown. Our process brings light to an otherwise confusing and troublesome situation.


Put Your Whole Family First.

Mediation puts your whole family – especially the children – first. Always. Divorce mediation reduces the impact on the lives of all family members during and after the process, and sets an example of cooperation and peace.


Control Your Future

Courts and lawyers are only necessary to settle disputes when parties cannot find common ground. Although you may find you disagree on many issues, mediation will provide actionable solutions to those disagreements. Throughout the mediation process you make the decisions about your future – not third parties.


What topics will we cover in Mediation?

What topics will we cover in Mediation? We focus exclusively on Parenting Agreements. Parents can choose the topics they want to discuss and settle.


We offer a flat fee of 160.00 per couple for mediation services. This cost includes the initial telephone intake assessment, a four-hour mediation session and the preparation of the formal parenting agreement/memorandum of understanding provided to the parents. Evening and weekend appointments available. Appointment Required

Denise Banks-Wilson


Denise is the owner of Family Journey, LLC. She’s an experienced divorce and family mediator having conducted over 350 mediations since 2012. She developed the curriculum and has served as lead facilitator for the Illinois court mandated positive co-parenting class for divorced and separating parents. Denise has worked with over 4000 parents since 2006.
Follow Denise on Instagram at divorcerules 101.

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Your Child’s Divorce Rules 101


Co-Parent Workshops

Your Child’s Divorce Rules is a three-hour workshop focusing on the impact of separation and divorce on children. Topics include the emotional stages of divorce for children, parallel parenting, communication tools for co-parents. The final part of this workshop allows parents an opportunity to share about their children. The workshop ends with co-parenting rules in the voice of your child. This workshop is open to separate, divorced and never married parents. Workshop cost: $35.00 per person. Maximum of 25 participants per class.

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Over 3000 parents have attended this workshop since mandated by the Illinois courts in July, 2006.

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After you have come to the point in the process where you need our services next we will give you a flow of our process. Follow the process flow to the left and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Attend Mediation Session


We are always looking forward to helping people in need. Our services focus on building relationships and helping families move forward.

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